Management software designed for Beauty Salons

Which salon owner hasn’t experienced inventory problems, suffered from delays in client follow-ups, or lost precious time calculating employee commissions ? This is where Alpha Salon comes in. It provides you with all the tools you need to manage and grow your business, saving you time and money in the process. The Alpha Salon management software program was developped by Dectro International, a world-renowed Canadian firm specialized in personal care. It is designed specifically to meet the needs of beauty, hair removal, hairdressing and tanning salons, as well as massage therapy parlors and spas. Alpha Salon is available in three versions ( Simple, Multi or Spa ), which makes it suitable for any business, large or small.

Software Content

Medical records

Alpha Salon is that rare management software program that can keep on file medical records specifically pertaining to...

beauty, hair removal, massage therapy, hairdressing and tanning services. This convenient feature allows your employees to access at any time a client’s medical history, to check on contraindications, skin examinations, hair analysis, and even hair color formulas! Records can be printed out, so you may obtain client confirmation when needed.


Our inventory management boasts of many convenient features, from automatic inventory adjustment at the time of invoicing to order creation...

once a set minimum inventory volume is reached. You can even group together several treatments and offer them as a package to facilitate discount and product expenditure calculation. Less headaches for you!


With Alpha Salon, creating invoices is child’s play! Thanks to it’s intuitive icon-based interface...

client and purchase selection becomes a breeze. In addition to the basic information (contact, service and product details, taxes, etc.), you can integrate multiple payment options and assign a sale to a single or multiple employees. Nothing is left out!


Not only does the Alpha Salon agenda greatly simplify the appointment-taking procedure, but it also enables you to efficiently...

manage employee, workstation and equipment schedules. You can also
validate your appointment confirmations from the relevant schedule entry. This automatically generates a customer order to which services or products can be added at the time of invoicing. Talk about a time saver!

Closing entries

A balanced cash register always puts a smile on your face, doesn’t it? In that regard, Alpha Salon allows for a great number of features...

be it printing of detailed sales report and closing entries. This tool also enables the user to manage and close at any time multiple cash registers in a network environment. You’ll wonder how you managed without it!

Direct mail advertising

Send your customers promotions, novelty items and even greeting cards! This application also allows you to...

rapidly create an index of customers according to various criteria (customer category, birthday, purchase or service history, etc.), as well as to print address labels and prepare direct mailings, all in a few mouse clicks!

Customer files

This application promotes a personalized approach to customer care. Enjoy easy access to customer files complete with...

client details and photo, treatment and sales history, as well as appointment dates and birthday. A log of total monthly purchases for each service and product type can also be generated, which allows you to quickly recognize trends in buying habits so you can fine-tune your promotional offers accordingly.

Supplier files

Alpha Salon keeps a detailed list of the products you obtain from your suppliers and...

automatically generates purchase orders in accordance with sales and inventory volumes.

Employee files

This tool greatly simplifies salary and commission calculation, according to products and services sold...

It also generates a global sales report for each employee, thereby facilitating performance evaluations.


Three versions, in keeping with your needs!

Service Plan 

Protect your investment by signing up to the Alpha Salon service plan. This plan is renewable annually and gives you access to unlimited technical support over the phone as well as software update release.

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