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Complete Client Files

  • The “customer files” application saves customer contact information, allows you to quickly view details on the care they received, the products they purchased, the date of their next appointment and their birthday.A full history can be generated, which allows you to quickly recognize trends in your clients’ habit.
  • Alpha Salon allows for maintaining medical records pertaining to aesthetic, hair removal, massage therapy, hairdressing and tanning services.These records can be printed at any time, which gives you the opportunity to have the client sign a confirmation ensuring the accuracy of the information.

Advanced Sales Management

  • The “Employee files” application tool simplifies the payroll process and the computation of commissions. This application tool also generates a global sales report for each employee, thereby facilitating performance evaluations.
  • Alpha Salon registers a detailed list of the products you purchase from
    every supplier. Submitting a product purchase order to any one of your many
    suppliers will be like child’s play, given that this application tool automatically generates purchase orders in response to sales and inventory volumes.
  • Close inventory management helps to avoid major revenue losses. This practical application tool automatically adjusts your inventory. From a service standpoint, it allows you to calculate the actual cost associated with each personal care service. It can also group together various personal care services and create “packages” which are eligible for “discount pricing”.


  • Bilingual : each user is free to work in the language he choose, english or french.
  • Password protected and customized for each user.

Innovative Types of Printing

  • The maintenance of a balanced cash register always facilitates the management of a salon. Alpha Salon allows for automated printing of closing entries, making this task simpler than ever! A network of cash registers can be managed and closed at any time of the day. This allows for convenient and effective management! Furthermore, the printing of detailed sales reports provides a quick measure of your salon’s profitability by business line or product category.

Other Advantages

  • Backup copy in the form of archives.
  • Innovative Windows interface, instinctively user-friendly.
  • Excellent after-sales service, online help and annual service plan.
  • Affordable price.
  • Personalized training.

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